Digital Advertising

The internet is undoubtedly the most popular medium today. Advertisements began to be used more widely on the internet. We first research and follow a service, product or subject that we are curious about on the internet (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Blog site). Therefore, the internet can be used effectively with many digital channels (mail marketing, social media management, social media marketing, content production) as a marketing tool.

As Dokuzderece Advertising Agency, we are a company that has been awarded the Google Partner Badge by effectively using internet advertisements in Mersin and surrounding cities. At the 1st Mersin Digital Summit, which we organized in cooperation with MSTO in 2017, we brought together Google Turkey and names from the Mersin business world. In this event, Google advertising channels; We shared the use of channels such as Google Search Ads, Google Video Ads, Banner Ads (YouTube and Video media ads).

Thanks to our expert team in the field of design and our certified internet media managers, we have served many corporate companies in Mersin in the field of digital advertising and we continue to serve by educating ourselves more every day.